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UNROCK THE HOUSE - Brothers Unconnected - Alan and Richard Bishop - 2xLP (Unrock)


UNROCK THE HOUSE - Brothers Unconnected - Alan and Richard Bishop - 2xLP (Unrock)


UNROCK THE HOUSE - Brothers Unconnected - Alan and Richard Bishop - 2xLP (Unrock)


Limited quantities available.

A1: Nyn De Gris Sang

A2: My Painted Tomb

A3: The Flower

A4: The Multiple Hallucinations of an Assassin

A5: I always Felt Sorry for the Monster

A6: The Brothers Unconnected

A7: Don't Fuck With the Squid

B1: Six Kids of Mine

B2: Wild World of Animals

B3: Academia Nuts

B4: Soi Cowboy

B5: Rookoobay

B6: I Deal A Stick

C1: Cruel and Thin

C2: Cooking WIth Satan

C3: Aristocrats of Impertinence

C4: Eyeball in a Quart Jar of Snot

C5: Ali Baba

C6: Black Orchid

D1: Bitter Cold Countryside

D2: Dreamland (For DInah)

D3: Horse Cock Phepner

D4: Shing Path


A Celebration of Charles Gocher and Sun City Girls. Recorded live in Krefeld, Germany.

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"Unrock The House", by Alan & Richard Bishop aka Brothers Unconnected, is a truly remarkable document and album. It's a desirable object for eyes and ears that stands completely for itself. It is history (de la Musica Underground, as we know it) and legacy of the leading and legendary performance unit Sun City Girls who served the contemporary underground/avant scene over a period of 25 years with inspiration and influence. It is in fact a grandiose, if I can say that word, homage to Sun City Girls and their late drummer Charles Gocher. The uncut live-performance from Suedbahnhof in Krefeld, Germany 2011 is recorded in brilliant quality and contains tracks from Sun City Girls and the complete spoken word interludes which makes it a delicate performance and captured the magic of the moment in full. "Rookoobay", "Soi Cowboy", "Horse Cock Phepner", "Dreamland" and "Shining Path" are part of the set as well as "Black Orchid" from Sun City Girls final album "Funeral Mariachi".

"Unrock The House" is housed in a gatefold sleeve and contains one black and one white vinyl album. The entire performance is more then 80 minutes long. It is a limited edition one time vinyl pressing.

Recorded live for Unrock Series in Krefeld, Germany, 2011. Recorded & mastered by Peter Koerfer.