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DEAD C / RANGDA - Split LP (Ba Da Bing!)


DEAD C / RANGDA - Split LP (Ba Da Bing!)

21526_0 2.jpg
21526_0 2.jpg

DEAD C / RANGDA - Split LP (Ba Da Bing!)


A1: Eusa Kills (Dead C)

A2: Tomorrow (Dead C)

A3: This Much I Know (Dead C)

A4: Heaven's Wheel (Dead C)

B1: Gracilaria (Rangda)

B2: Sancticallist (Rangda)


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Two of the greatest bands of the present day, each composed of two guitarists and a drummer. Each member’s name carries its own legendary status. Richard Bishop. Ben Chasny. Chris Corsano. Michael Morley. Bruce Russell. Robbie Yeats. Fabricated empires have been built and destroyed by the vast output of any one of these guys. Finally, they come together on one release, a split LP between two supergroups.