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1. Wadi al-Natrun  4:27

2. Backcastle  3:49

3. Knucklehead Freefall  2:47

4. Infusion  1:26

5. Mit's Linctus Codeine Co.  2:15

6. Level Seven  5:31

7. Access Granted  3:01

8. Last Breath  2:32

9. Scraping Cement  1:40

10. Windscape  2:19

11. Hecate Awakens  2:46

12. Ibn Arab  5:36

13. Jugular Jingle  1:25

14. Firepower  2:33

15. Isle of Cinnabar  2:44 


Here is a collection of various tracks that include some electric guitar desert jaunts, some jazzy jingles, a few piano compositions, some all-out noise romps, and a few odd, abstract pieces. At the time of release it was a nice indication of things to come.