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Ivory Tower



(Split LP with Ava Mendoza)

Unrock, 2016


A1 - SRB - She Loves You

A2 - SRB - Safe House (Electric)

A3 - SRB - Ivory Tower

A4 - SRB - Abydos

A5 - SRB - Multiple Hallucinations/Black Eyed Blue


B1 - AVA - Motor Unwind Part 1

B2 - AVA - Shadowtrapping

B3 - AVA - Motor Unwind Part 2

B4 - AVA - Kiss of Fire



The third installment in Unrock's string-related Saraswati Series features Grandseigneur Richard Bishop performing with his rough charm and maximum elegance, along with one of the hottest kick-ass avant-guitar players around, the now-Brooklyn-based Ava Mendoza. Besides her work in Unnatural Ways, she improvises constantly on NY's avant-stages along with Elliott SharpJim BlackWilliam WinantPaul FlahertyTim Dahl, and others. Rumor has it that she was even in Caroliner. Recorded in full at Ivory Tower (Unrock Headquarters), the Sir opens up stepping deep into music history (as we know it), messing carefully around with the mysterious track that the New York Times focused on in their 2014 review of one of his live performances. An electric version of "Safe House," a bone-dry 2015 update on "Abydos," an eruptive outbreak from "Multiple Hallucinations of an Assassin" into "Black Eyed Blue," and a mild and mellow reflection ("Ivory Tower"). Miss Mendoza is wild at heart and gives you the boot with what she's best at: thunderous, eruptive, twisted improvisations and perfect songs. Shadowtrapping.